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How to Apply

Please print, complete, and return to BEMA:

  1. The Missionary Application form
  2. The Missionary Authorization form

A copy of the following items must be included with your application:

  1. A written background of your religious affiliations and ministry history.
  2. A written recommendation from the pastor of your sending church in the U.S.A. or from a National Pastor who has been with BEMA for at least 10 years. This recommendation must be signed by the pastor and include the following:
    1. The completed Missionary Authorization form.
    2. A signed letter that contains:
      1. A full discription of his knowledge of you.
      2. His knowledge of your moral & character background.
      3. His knowledge of your family (wife, children, etc)
  3. Background report of Bible studies, degrees, certificates and schooling. A copy of certificates should be sent with application if at all possible.
  4. A copy of your doctrinal beliefs.
  5. Your written personal testimony.
  6. Your wife's written personal testimony.