Wally Williams Legacy Offering

Dr. Wally Williams

Dr. Wally Williams became the face of BEMA nearly fifty years ago as he continued the ministry of Dr. Michael Billister. As the President of BEMA, Dr. Williams traveled by plane and motor home many years promoting Faith Promise missions and introducing this ministry to pastors all around the country. Before retiring, Wally Williams was influential in establishing the present BEMA executive board. The Wally Williams Legacy Offering is in honor and memory of Dr Wally Williams who is now with the Lord.

Give Now in Honor of Dr. Williams

Many churches across the county receive an annual offering in honor of this faithful man. The offering is given directly to the Baptist Evangelistic Missionary Association to further their enduring support of national pastors and missionaries around the world. Would you consider giving in honor of Dr. Williams?

For more information please contact the BEMA office at (614) 833-0488 or bemamissions@sbcglobal.net

Hear Dr. Williams Preach and Speak